• Katie

Practice Gratitude: Be Grateful For Your Life Every Day

Practicing gratitude does wonders for your life. It lets you really appreciate what you have right now instead of constantly wanting more and being jealous of others. I’m pretty sure we know that getting the next promotion or job or boyfriend or whatever won’t actually make us happy, but we still live our lives in a state of want, want, want. Gratitude helps you understand that satisfaction doesn’t come at the point where you have every single thing you’ve ever wanted, but when you decide to be happy and satisfied.

I work to at least start and end each day with a few things I am grateful for (fruit, my boyfriend, the lush trees outside), but I really try to fully live in the moments I’m in and express gratitude for life always. Being in this state of gratitude more often allows you to be more aware of and appreciate the incredible things in your life. We are constantly surrounded by nature, beauty, love, and miracles; we just have to learn how to value and cherish them instead of taking them for granted.

Expressing gratitude often will raise your overall frequency and allow you to connect with something bigger than yourself; this helps you be more generous and compassionate, and it allows you to manifest more awesome things for your life and those around you. Being grateful often makes you so much more positive because you see how wonderful your life is, and it tells the universe that you are loving your life and you deserve even more great stuff. One of my favorite things to express gratitude for is my ability and opportunity to continue growing and become more of a superhero each and every day.