My Christmas Wish List

Everyone puts a gift guide on their blog to help readers think of gifts for family and friends. They're all over the place, they're super helpful, and I've been grateful for them many times. Because there's already so many out there, I'm skipping the traditional gift guide and making it a bit more personal. Here's a list of the gifts I am most excited for this holiday season! This list is primarily created to help guide my family as we look for gifts for each other, but many of these items are great gift ideas for your loved ones as well!

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Kindle Books ($10-15)

I have checked out some books from the library this year that I so highly recommend that I must have a copy on my kindle to refer back to. I don't often purchase books even though I love to read. I can check them out from the library for free (libraries are the best, yo) and I typically only read books once or twice. These three books are absolutely worth holding onto and referring back time and time again, so I'd like to have a permanent copy on my kindle.

Workout Tanks & Shorts ($20-25)

I sincerely think you can convince yourself to exercise more and be healthier if you have the right tools and preparation in place. Keeping cute tanks and workout gear around to lay out the night before can help keep you excited and motivated to stay on track. Amazon has some great options for cute clothes without breaking the bank!

Greater Good Toolkit ($44)

Made in collaboration with UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, this toolkit includes 30 science-based practices for a meaningful life. Each practice has four sections: why it is important, how to do it, why it works, and the primary research that supports it. A beautiful color gradient connects all of the guides, which are designed to be both informative and a delight to use.

Almost $100-200

Olive & June The Everything Box ($80)

I'm all about doing my own mani-pedis at home and pampering myself without the cost of going to a salon. These sets are known to be awesome for creating your own flawless nails. Plus, I'm a fan of Olive & June because they're cruelty-free and vegan.

Allbirds Flats - Tree Breezers ($95)

These are my favorite shoes. I'm, like, straight up obsessed with them. I have them in black and they're the only shoes I wear. So, yeah, I'd like another color. They are actually available in a huge variety of colors, and I'm really into their blue options right now. I love Allbirds shoes for thier comfort and their sustainability.

Hydro Flask Backpack Cooler ($175)

I love the size of Hydro Flask's small backpack cooler for bringing a day's worth of sparkling water or beer to the lake or a friend's house.

Obviously, the holiday season shouldn't be about gifts (or at least not just about gifts). I am so excited to spend quality time with family and continue some of our annual traditions! Still, gifts are one of my love languages. I love to receive and to give gifts. A great gift can show someone that you understand their interests and that you genuinely care. I believe in gift-giving on occasions and for no occasion at all. That being said, many people have a hard time choosing gifts for other people. I always try to make a clear list of things I'm interested in to pass along to family to help reduce the stress that can come alongside holiday gift-shopping.

What are you most excited about for this holiday season? Do you have the perfect gift for someone on your list yet? Is there anything you're really hopeful to receive? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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