• Katie

Mindset: Develop a Growth Mindset and Focus on Positivity

To have a superhero mind, you’ve got to develop a growth mindset and focus on positivity. Our world is filled with billions of options and opportunities, but we get so stuck in our own heads, our own insecurities, and our own silly beliefs that we don’t even realize how freaking awesome life is! Your mindset is your mental POWER - you get to control the way you think about yourself and the world, your stress level, your resiliency, your immune system, and your ability to create the life you dream of. Yeah, it’s freaking powerful.

Growth Mindset

The Harvard Business Review tells us that people who believe their talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others have a growth mindset. People who have a growth mindset tend to achieve more, worry less, and focus on learning and growth. They don't believe that talent is innate or that people who are successful are just natural winners. They know that growth takes hard work, and they are empowered and committed to continuing to grow and develop their skills.

If you live your life with more of a fixed mindset, you might tend to think the skills and abilities you were born with are it. You might even be afraid of making mistakes and being embarrassed in front of others if you aren't excellent at something new right off the bat.This can hinder your ability to adjust and grow your potential and beliefs.