• Katie

Fitness: 15 Benefits of Exercise + Daily Cardio Workouts

I do not like to exercise. I know it's bad. When I go to the doctor, I lie. "I'm an average exerciser, I work out a few times a week." Nope. I do like to walk, but I don't go for long walks every day. I love yoga, but I only do it every now and then. It's unlikely I will ever have a gym membership.

I honestly don't love the western gym philosophy. There's just something wrong with sitting most of your day and then going to exercise super hard for an hour. We sit at work, we sit on the commute, we sit down to dinner, then we move to the couch to watch tv. Somewhere in the middle maybe we work out. That just seems flawed.

It's not that I'm incredibly lazy (or maybe it is). I used to be quite fit. I was an athlete in high school and college, and I truly enjoyed the exercise and camaraderie. I just haven't found a way to keep it up. It's not fun anymore. I feel like I've heard so many people say the same thing. "Well, I was really active in high school when I did sports. I just don't do much anymore and I'm so out of shape."

Luckily, There ARE options. Join a rec sports team, find a fun cool exercise activity (acro-yoga, basketball, rowing, pole dancing, whatever). One of my favorite ways to get exercise is just through my daily life - walking around my neighborhood, carrying my groceries home, etc. Still, whether or not you have a fun option available nearby, can afford a gym membership, or live somewhere walkable, you still need to get physical exercise into your life, and it’s really not that hard.