• Katie

Macronutrients: The Best and The Worst Carbohydrates, Protein, and Fats to Fuel Your Days

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Carbohydrates, protein, and fats are so incredible. They give us the energy to live our vibrant lives, they fill us up and bring us joy, and they are totally delicious. Of course, not all high-protein foods are equal, not all carbs provide the same amount of lasting energy, and not all fats provide life-changing nutrients for full-body wellness. The more you know about food, macros, and the best options available to you, the better chance you will have at choosing to eat the right thing and fueling up for your best, most joyful, high-energy days.

I LOVE food. I want to travel the world and eat great food and try all of the incredible options available to me. On top of eating great food, though, I want the food I eat to make me feel great. I'm not interested in restricting or counting calories. When I'm craving really good pizza or fried chicken, I go for it. My philosophy around food is pretty much this: eat healthful and good food the large majority of the time to feel your best and live an awesome life.

I love to cook at home, because it's cheaper, healthier, and easier. I don't get too complicated with my meals because I'm busy and have better things to do than spending hours on dinner. If you love to cook and create beautiful, complex dishes, that is incredible (and please invite me over for dinner sometime). Either way, if you're interested in saving money and time, and eating the right things to drive your success, it's worth learning the basics and having a strong understanding of which carbs, protein, and fats are best (and worst) for you.