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  1. Basics: Secrets to Success, Daily Habits and Schedule, and Wellness Mini-Guide & Month Plan

  2. Physical: Fitness, Nutrition, Energy Foods, Meal Plans, Sleep, and Medical & Dental Health

  3. Mental: Meditation & Mindfulness, Mindset, Spirituality, Gratitude, and Mental Health

  4. Environmental: Home, Cleaning, Aesthetics, Social Life, and Relationships

  5. Intellectual: Personal Growth & Development, Passion, Career, Financial, and Chasing your Dreams

  6. Be a Good Person: Be Generous, Volunteer, Care for The Environment, Put your Money Where Your Values Are, and Be Patient and Compassionate


This site is not for the people who already have life figured out. If you've got all your shit together, that's amazing, man. I'm proud of you, I'm happy for you, and I hope you use your togetherness to make the world a better place. And, sure, maybe there are some tools here that could be useful for you, but this site isn't for you. 


This site is for the people who are still figuring it out. The people who want to be healthier, happier, more energetic and generous and kind, but aren't quite there yet. Who watch Netflix while eating their bean burritos and stay up too late drinking their wine and do the dishes after they seem to have filled up the sink. This site is for you. 


This site is for superheroes. They may not necessarily feel like superheroes all the time, but they are. They work hard and try hard and get bogged down sometimes. They're busy and sometimes lonely and sometimes spontaneous and full of great ideas that haven't all quite blossomed yet. 


The cool thing, though, is that's where you start, right where you are. You don't have to be productive and positive all the time, but it does help if you want to be more often. You don't have to change everything about yourself, lose all your bad habits cold-turkey, or dive head-first into a diet or exercise program that'll last approximately until Wednesday. You be you, but acknowledge your superhero potential. Every day, work to be a little bit better. Use my Secrets for Success to guide your journey. 

Secrets for Success

#1: Focus on Long-Term Success 

#2: Daily Habits and 1% Wins

#3: YOU ARE AMAZING (It’s All About Your Mindset)


Now, let’s start taking some concrete action. This list of 10 Healthy Habits is a great place to start - you can immediately install them into your days to jump-start your life in the right direction. 

Okay, I know you want to incorporate positive habits and move your life in the direction of your dreams, but I understand that it's tough with work, family, friends, and time for you to be your awesome self and have some fun too. So you'll need to figure out how to plug in good habits throughout your day. Luckily for you, I’ve broken down a Superhero Schedule for a phenomenal day, including a morning/evening routine and weekend plans - check it out!


Covering All of Your Wellness Needs


Being a superhero is more than just being physically and mentally fit (although we definitely want to be there - preferably through some easy daily habits). To be a superhero, you’ve got to take into consideration your fitness, nutrition, headspace, gratitude, positivity, environment, and the way you treat the rest of the world too. It’s a whole holistic thing. 


Luckily, you don’t have to do it all at once. I’ve broken up each area so you can learn a bunch over time or you can put your focus where it’s needed. For all of us, there are wellness areas we have a stronger handle on and areas that need our attention. I’m a firm believer in small steps. Change is almost impossible when you go into it thinking, “I need to lose 50 pounds, I need to meditate every day for the rest of my life, I need to always work hard and be efficient.” 


Each tiny step you take moves you in a better direction. The first time you stretch again in years, you won’t be able to touch your toes. But, if you stretch every day for a month, you’ll be a whole lot closer. Tell yourself this when you stretch, exercise, meditate, drink water, etc. You don’t need to be perfect, or there yet, or worried about when you'll get there and how long it will take. You just need to know that this stretch, this run, this glass of water is positive progress and helping you become the person you want to be, a SUPERHERO. 

So What Now?


Once you make the decision that you're ready to improve your life and your health, you have a few choices. You can work on improving one area of your life and know that you are taking a step toward a happier, healthier you, you can choose a few areas to focus on, or you can try to incorporate a small habit for each area and totally boost your wellness and lifestyle. Become a superhero your own way. Make a quick small change, commit to a couple of habits to really solidify, or go all in. Take it at your own pace. Skip around, come back and read things later, share the site with friends who need support in other areas, whatever. It’s all about you. 


Keep in mind, this site is in NO WAY exhaustive. I did a heck ton of research and tried a bunch of things myself, but I am not an expert in nutrition or fitness, and there is an incredible amount of information available (thank goodness for the internet) to help you improve yourself and increase your joy. Every person is wildly different, and every body and mind and heart is different. Hopefully, the psychological and emotional sections will help you listen to your body and mind and heart a bit better and come to better understand what YOU need and where to put your focus long-term. Pick and choose, get to know yourself, educate yourself wildly, and have fun. Remember, you are a superhero and you deserve The. Very. Best. 








Below, I've detailed some major areas of health, wellness, and making your life more super. Each section has some tips for what you can start doing right away to make a difference, and it has links to blogs I've written to dive deeper into each section. Take the time to go through everything you can, educate yourself, and make the powerful decision to change your life trajectory and become the passionate, energetic, joyful HERO you want to be. 


What You Can Start Doing Now:

  1. FITNESS: Do a 10-minute Youtube cardio video, go for a 15-30 minute walk, practice yoga, stretch, or hike. Choose one of the four top types of exercise to fit into your morning or afternoon routine. 

  2. NUTRITION: Eat for energy and to feel awesome (meals made up of lots of produce with complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats). Consider eating a plant-based diet for your health and for the environment.

  3. WATER: Drink tons of water (and tea and sometimes coffee, but very little else).

  4. SLEEP: Make sure you’re getting eight hours of high-quality sleep every night.

  5. MEDICAL & DENTAL: Floss. At least a few times a week, and don’t ever skip brushing. Flossing and brushing take such a tiny amount of time, and teeth can be super costly if they aren’t taken care of. 


What You Can Start Doing Now:

  1. MEDITATIONMINDFULNESS: Meditate for 10-30 minutes and spend some time alone to contemplate and get to know yourself better. Practice living in the moment and appreciating everything around you. 

  2. MINDSET: Begin to believe that you are awesome, abundant, and able and willing to give and receive money and love freely.

  3. SPIRITUALITY: Take 10-15 minutes to meditate or pray, center yourself, and re-focus on your values.

  4. GRATITUDE: Express gratitude - think of five things you're grateful for that bring you joy.

  5. MENTAL HEALTH: If you think there’s a chance you’re suffering from a mental or mood disorder, find a doctor, talk to someone you trust, and/or get some much-needed medicine. If you’ve been waiting, this is your sign to go for it. Take care of yourself, just do it. 


What You Can Start Doing Now:

  1. HOME: Clean up clutter and rearrange your space to better fit your needs.

  2. CLEANING: Do one chore you’ve been meaning to do, especially if it’s a tough one. 

  3. AESTHETICS: Use essential oils, crystals, candles, and color around your home and other spaces to increase joy.

  4. SOCIAL LIFE: Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while or that might need a bit more love, just to talk. 

  5. RELATIONSHIPS: Take some time to put someone you love first. Do something that makes them feel loved - do the dishes, buy them a gift, spend quality time with them, write them a letter, whatever you know they will like best. 


What You Can Start Doing Now:

  1. PERSONAL GROWTH: Read a good book, use an app to study a new language, or learn something new.

  2. PASSIONS: Learn something about a topic you're really into, not something for work or for anyone else. Remind yourself that you are brilliant and have great ideas and the potential to do amazing things. Pick up a new hobby or practice an old one, and realign with your passions. 

  3. OCCUPATIONAL: Do something that betters your work - read an article or watch a video on your industry or job. 

  4. FINANCIAL: Start investing or put a chunk of money against your debt or into an investment. Learn about investing online and make sure you have a savings account and a 401k and/or an IRA/Roth IRA (learn more at NerdWallet and Millenial Money).

  5. CHASE YOUR DREAMS: Don't forget about the wild dreams you once had. Consider what you can do today to take the first step toward one of your dreams. Manifest your dreams using the law of attraction, positive affirmations, and gratitude.

Be a Good Person

What You Can Start Doing Now:

  1. BE GENEROUS: Being super isn't just about you. Donate whatever money you can to a cause you believe in today, or find a couple of great causes to donate to every single month. 

  2. VOLUNTEER: Devote time to volunteer and give back. It will make you feel incredible and selfless, and it will help make your community even better. Find a nonprofit organization near you that aligns with your values, and commit to volunteering weekly or monthly. 

  3. ENVIRONMENT: Take a day to eat no meat, make sure you have a recycling bin, and/or consider planting a small backyard or container garden.

  4. MONEY & VALUES: Look into the products you purchase often - do the companies test on or harm animals? Do they produce unnecessary waste?  Do they harm or help the environment? Can you buy the product locally? Reconsider where your money goes and make sure your expenses align with your values.

  5. PATIENCE AND COMPASSION: Give yourself and others grace. Be gentle, kind, and generous, and keep in mind that positive change (for yourself and others) takes time. Choose to consistently respond and react with kindness.

If you don’t want to dive in right now, subscribe and get the free Superhero Mini-Guidea 10-page eBook that details the benefits that changing your habits can provide. It includes the best daily habits and suggestions for success to begin now and a one-month game plan to jump-start your progress. 


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