About Me

Hey, I'm Katie. I'm excited to get to know you! I believe in educating myself and working to become more confident, joyful, and energetic, and I want the same for you. I'd love to get to know you - let's connectLearn More and subscribe to stay up-to-date for all of our newest posts and special offers! 

When I got started on the superhero project, I knew I was due for a change. It was the middle of 2020. I was a few months from being 30, and we were in the middle of the COVID pandemic and a powerful civil rights movement. There was, all at the same time, a world at a complete standstill, and a world hurtling toward change and improvement and a whole new way of life. 


As the world changed around me, I knew I had to change too. I'd been working from home for a few months, and I had not been good to myself. I'd been drinking too much, eating trash food, exercising little, and my daily schedule and mental health were both wobbly. I was still working full-time, just from home, but I was unable to really focus, and chunks of each day were devoted to falling tragically into social media.


I wasn't happy, and I had begun to count my unhappiness and think that my life was not all that awesome. I knew I could improve, but it was overwhelming. That's why I made leaps and bounds when I realized one thing: tiny steps are the meaningful progress that we need and that matters. 


I didn't have to commit to changing overnight or even think about all the work it might take. I just focused on small, short-term activities. I realized that we can take 10 minutes to make our lives better even when we don't feel our best. When we squeeze in 10-20 minutes of exercise, meditation, cleaning, etc. throughout the day, these small healthy habits make a huge difference over time.

So I started The Superhero Handbook, and I set out to make a change. I wanted to be happier, healthier, more energetic and joyful, and have better relationships and a more meaningful life. And, I was tired of saying and thinking all of that without actually putting in the effort to figure out what I really wanted and how to get there.


I decided to make a list of all the big superhero things I wanted, and then I set out to develop a strategy to get them. Find out what my top 10 Life Goals and Must-Haves are, create some goals of your own, and then continue on - the rest of this blog details my strategy to get them. I can't wait to get to know you better and connect!